Swat 4 is BACK!

Swazzup people? Wait, what? How this is gonna happen ? Why? To give you answers to these questions ill start with YOUTUBE… Some youtubers has been done a great job by releasing videos of gameplay, fresh reviews and other information about the game. I do observe this now since about 2 years – more or […]

Is this the end ?

Hey, whats up ? Do you really think that Swat 4 has come to an end ? Why ?´Since 10 years now new players still join swat servers every day .. and it has no end.. i did believe that its must be allways the same players who joins with changing nicks, i do still […]

Woot woot! Finally ive Made it! I will Start to Blog here stuff about swat 4 Stuff to read will Follow Soon as i have time and mood to write something 😉 I will Post stuff about swat 4, coop Szene and pvp Szene and other games, take Care..